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3. We will call you before 8pm on the same day to book you a appointment.

Have an enquiry: text, email or call us between 5pm-8pm. If you want us to call you, then send your name and contact details.

We only provide manual lessons

reserve a place now to start on first week of lockdown being lifted

3rd Covid national lockdown should be lifted by mid Frebruary 2021 (UK Government will confirm a date nearer the time)


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Forward planning is not only good whilst driving it is desirable with all circumstances in life. Do you want to start learning to driving soon as the lockdown is lifted? If you do not want to wait on a driving instructors waiting list then it is time to plan ahead. Reserve a place with us and we will start you off within a week of lockdown being lifted. Please check our prices above and the areas we cover. Thank you, Stay Safe.

Prices and payment

We go the extra mile in making your journey easy on you and your wallet. 1) Select your package 2) Make a payment - We will contact you on the same day as the payment is made to provide you with an appointment. (payments made after 7:30pm will be contacted on following day)

Pass b4 the next lockdown (Intensive courses)

Pay the full amount or pay in instalments interest free. We are currently recruiting from the following post codes: BD1, BD2, BD3, BD4, BD5, BD6, BD7, BD8, BD9, BD10 and BD18.

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Gift someone few lessons, full package, part of a package or pay any amount and let them decide. Post codes we cover: BD1, BD2, BD3, BD4, BD5, BD6, BD7, BD8, BD9, BD10 and BD18.

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Changes to driving lessons and practical driving tests

During Covid-19

Risk Assessments


About us

Welcome to our site, we have tried keeping things simple.

Sux-S driving school has been operating since 2014.
All our instructors are Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency Approved and have at least 5 years experience as a fully qualified driving instructor.
Our lessons are 1 hour long with minimal roadside stoppages.
From time to time, we manage to give reasonably cheap lessons and we are asked what is the catch, how come we are able to give such cheap lessons?
Is it a poor quality of service, is it more time spent on the roadside etc?
The simple answer is none of the above.
  • We do not pay rent for office premises as they are simply not required and we do not employ someone full time to answer phone calls as enquirers email/text their address and contact details and they will be contacted by the instructor who will be conducting your lessons.
  • We do not buy/lease or hire top of the range cars such as BMW's etc and overcharge you for simply for the brand of the car. We have cars like Micras, Yaris, and Corsas, small cars also mean less fuel consumption and allow reversing exercises to be carried out with ease resulting in a need for fewer lessons.
  • We do not cover extremely wide areas where driving instructors have to travel across towns, cities and sometimes even counties. Most of our instructors travel from one job to another within 10 minute drives and therefore save money on fuel and time.
  • Most driving schools have cancellation policies in which the learner pays the full lesson cost if they cancel within 48 hours prior to the lesson however, we charge only half of the lesson money £12 (£24 for 2 hours lesson). All our clients are happy paying cancellation fees because the rule also applies to the instructor: with an exception of cancellation due to the car developing  a mechanical problem or bad weather you will be paid £12 (£24 for 2 hours lesson).
  • We tend not to overspend on advertisement as we've come to find out over the course of our time as a company that reasonable offers simply attract more clients.
All the reasons stated above allows Sux-S school of motoring to price our lessons very reasonably and ensure we do not waste the time of or overcharge our clients.

Should you be self isolating due to Covid-19 the cancellation fee will be wavered.


Can not find what you are looking for? Contact us: Text, email or phone.

This 3rd national lockdown started on 5th January 2021 and should be ending around mid february 2021. (will know nearer the time when UK Government announces a date)

Yes you can pay and reserve a place now to start within a week of lockdown being lifted.
Making little changes in your daily routine habits will go a long way and 2 of the best things are whilst out and about do not touch your face with your hands and the second would be to wash your hands with soap & warm water for 20 seconds.

  1. If you are feeling unwell or have come across someone that is unwell, inform your driving instructor on the phone and do not wait for them to turn up at your door step because you need to isolate yourself and your household members. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/check-if-you-have-coronavirus-symptoms/ 
  2. Hand shaking should be avoided.
  3. If you are well and can take your lesson then, ensure to wash your hands before coming out.
  4. Wear a face mask, Face shield can become hazardous whilst driving as they may mist up however, you may want to discuss this in detail with your driving instructor.
  5. Keep windows down to allow plenty of ventilation. Wear clothes that cover your arms and legs completely and ensure wear clothes that will keep you warm.
  6. Your clothes should not consist of any animal fur.
  7. Eye contact with somebody whilst talking with them is common practise and polite however, this action should be avoided as you do not want to be face to face.
  8. Try not to share items like pens and visual aids in the car and please ensure to not bring items like mobiles or keys you do not need during the lesson however, if you are in need of them please bring a carrier bag where you can keep your belongings.
  9. Please ensure to arrive with the accurate money for the lesson, this way you will not be receiving change that has come from a third person. If possible pay for a few lessons in advance. 
  10. When you go home, please make sure to wash your hands.

National lockdown, local lockdown or if you are made to go into self isolation we will pause your training until you are able to restart with no loss to you or us. 
If you passed your driving test without needing all the package lessons, then we will charge you for the lessons you have taken and reimburse you with the remainder.

So for example, if your package deal worked out you were paying £19 per lesson and paid for 30 lessons but only needed 23 lessons, then we will charge you £19 for 23 lessons and refund you for the 7 remaining which in this scenario would be 7 x £19.

We have been trading since 2014.
We do not have a physical office where you can pop in as that is not needed and this is one of the reasons we manage to keep our prices reasonably low.
Essentially, our instructors' offices are their cars however, our business' registered address is 73 Lonsdale Street, BD3 0AL.
You can find us on the Gov.uk website via the following link:

Yes, indeed we do take credit/debit card payments however, if you are paying the full amount in one go as you may have a credit card which has 0% for 24 months or paying the deposit to reserve a placement we will pay the surcharge for using the card 2.5%, this is what we get charged by the provider. If you want to pay smaller amounts of money on individual lessons by card then we will pass on the surcharge.

Due to Covid-19 we are encouraging all our clients to make online bank transfer 24 hours before lesson commencement.
Firstly let me say that we are among very few driving schools who offer package deals with installment payments, usually you pay all money upfront.

You will be charged £24 for all lessons you have already taken and any remaining money will be refunded.

  1. You are not going into a contract meaning that you will have to take all the allocated lessons or risk losing all or some of the money. Without offending any other driving schools we consider this to be immoral and trapping someone, usually consisting of young adults.    
  2. We can give you this discount as we are aware you will be taking X amount of lessons and therefore we can better plan our business.
  3. Our driving instructors will provide high standards of service ensuring that you will finish the course with us.
  4. People move homes and many university students have had to move back in with their parents due to Covid-19 and we have no problem charging anyone @ our normal rate of £24 and refunding the remaining money.
Sorry, we only provide tuition in manual vehicles at the present moment.

In normal circumstances, we would allow a friend or family member to come along to observe however, unfortunately at the present moment with Covid-19 we are not allowing any passengers to come along.
Most teenagers can learn to drive from their 17th Birthday however, they need to be in possession of a provisional driving licence, which can be applied a few months before they reach their 17th birthday. Press the following link to find out more about how to apply for your provisional driving licence. https://www.gov.uk/apply-first-provisional-driving-licence 
To learn to drive you will need someone who is 21 years of age or over who has a full driving licence and has at least 3 years of driving experience to sit next to you.
The car is in need of being road worthy with valid M.O.T, tax and insurance to cover your learning.
The Driver and vehicle standard agency (DVSA) are the organization whom will conduct your practical driving test when you are ready to take the test.

A study they carried out in 2013 concluded an individual needs approximately 45 hours of professional training and 22 hours private, for example driving with parents/family members.
So on average, a total of approximately 67 hours of driving experience needed to become test standard.
Table below is our guidance.