These are our terms and conditions for the use of our website www.sux-s.com and secure online payment via sux-s-school-of-motoring.sumup.link and the purchase of products through the website or via payment link sent to your mobile phone.

If you have any queries about these terms, please contact us using the contact form.

The terms and conditions herein together with any notices or conditions on other areas of this website will all together govern use by customers of this website. You should note that Sux-S School of Motoring may at any time make changes to or remove part of this website without any liability to customers for such changes. Sux-S School of Motoring reserves the right to change these terms and conditions in the future without specifically notifying customers and continued use of the website or placing of orders after such changes shall be deemed to be acknowledgement and acceptance thereof.

A contract will only come into existence between you the customer and us once your order has been processed and agreed.

When you as a customer place an order via this website, you warrant by placing the order that:-

  1. You are not a minor or otherwise legally incapable of entering into a binding contract.

  2. The personal details which you give us on registration are fully complete and accurate.

  3. You are not using a false name or the name of any other person or body which you are not authorised to use.

Placement of an order
When you place your order you are doing so in acceptance of these terms and conditions and it is important that you have read them before you go ahead and order.

Cancelling/ terminating an order
Driving lessons are a pick up and drop off service at your location (both of them being same). We cover the following post codes: BD1, BD2, BD3, BD4, BD5. BD6, BD7, BD8, BD9, BD10 and BD18.

All order cancellation will get a full refund minus admin fee of £20 and the card processing fee of 2.5% of the total amount. If no cancellation takes place we pay for the surcharge for you using your card here for our services.

All the lessons in a package deal must be taken in full to benefit from discounted prices and any benefits it comes with, if you are unable to do so for any reason/s you will be charged £25 per lesson for those driving lessons you have already taken also a £20 admin fee. Any money owed to you after deductions will be bank transferred to any UK bank account for which you will provide details and bank account must be in your name.

Lesson appointment cancellation

Cancellations should only be made in the event of an emergency, learners must inform us of their cancellation 48 hours prior to the commencement of their lesson. Any cancellations made within 48 hours of the appointment will result in a late cancellation charge of £12 (£24 for 2 hours lesson). We ourselves will give you £12 (£24 for 2 hours lesson) should our driving instructor cancel the appointment within 48 hours of the appointment however, this does not apply if they are cancelling due to bad weather conditions or their vehicle developing an unforeseen mechanical problem also during period when practical driving test waiting time is longer than usual, we allow our test standard pupils to use test cancellation finders which will sometimes mean our driving instructor will have to cancel your lesson with short notice. This will only happen in very rear circumstances and if this happens your driving instructor will share the test results with you so you know. Cancelling or rescheduling lesson just before 48 hours should only be done in rare circumstances and we have fair usage policy of maximum 3 times is allowed and this can not be done consecutively. Anyone cancelling just before 48 hours 3 times will no longer be allowed to cancel any future lessons and will be charged for the full lesson money if they need to cancel.

All cancellation made due to Covid-19 will not be charged the late cancellation fee however evidence may be required.

Acceptance of an order
When an order is placed you will get an order confirmation sent to the email address you provided during checkout, containing information about order content, prices.

We will contact you within 24 hours to confirm and book you in. If due to Covid-19 we have to go into a national or local lockdown than we will continue providing the service you paid for without any loss to you after the lockdown is lifted. We can not take responsibility for disruption which are out of our control.

We try to have the information on this website as accurate as possible but we make no warranties, whether express or implied, regarding its accuracy. We also do not make any warranties regarding any matters relating to the use of this website and it is a matter for you to ensure that your own equipment is protected from viruses or other external factors.

Your rights are protected by the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act, 1980, and also the Consumer Protection Act, 2007, where you are a consumer. Nothing in this website shall affect your rights under the applicable law.

If any of these terms and conditions shall prove to be void, unlawful, or unenforceable for any reason then such term or condition shall be deemed to be severed from the remaining terms and conditions which shall remain valid and enforceable.

If any provision of these terms and conditions shall be unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable then that provision shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.

eGift card

Normal conditions that apply to someone buying a product for themselves will apply.

eGift card can be used for individual lessons or part fund/ full fund any package deals that are available on our website.

eGift cards must be redeemed within 6 months of purchase and does not hold cash value.

In rare exceptional circumstances may we refund an egift card purchase, we will deduct 2.5% card surcharge of total amount paid and £20 admin fees. This will require the person whom have received the egift card to initiate the refund request and the person who has paid for the egift card to agree in receiving the remaining money as full refund after we have deducted any fees/ charges.

eGift card can be redeemed for any ongoing offers/ promotions however once redeemed the customer must start taking driving lessons within 30 days. 

If we enter any local or national lockdown due to Covid-19 we will extend these deadlines by the same amount of days we were under lockdown. Should you be asked to self isolate after redeeming your gift card we will extend the deadline by the same amount of days you were asked to self isolate.

Please check post codes we cover before buying anyone an eGift card, only buy an eGift card for a person living in the post codes we cover.

It is your responsibility to check if we cover your area before buying.

Maximum of 1 egift card can be bought by a household also one person/ organisation can not buy more than 1 egift card.

Should you for any reason not be able to enter one of our offers/ promotions and find yourself having to take individual lessons we will not charge you more than £25 per lesson.

You will get a code via email, it is your responsibility to keep this code safe.

Where possible use the full name of the person you are giving the egift card to. (This should be as it appears on their provisional driving licence)

eGift cards can not be transferred to another person nor can it be sold on.


They provides services that finds test candidates earlier test dates and charges to do so. 

Due to current situation with long practical driving test waiting times we will be actively encouraging all our learners to use this service. We feel it will be beneficial to all our existing and new customers as this will save you time and money in the long run. All our pupil who are very near becoming test standard will be encouraged to pay £18. We will pay all our pupil £18 on the day they pass their driving test if they have used this services. All pupil must get a referral code from their driving instructor before placing a order to receive this service otherwise we will not be able to reimburse you. This service once paid for will cover you for any amount of tests you require until you have passed therefore we can only reimburse you on the day you have passed.

Please read DRIVING TEST CANCELLATION 4ALL terms and conditions which can be found on the following link: https://www.driving-test-cancellations-4all.co.uk/TermsOfUse.aspx  We can not take responsibility for any third party services/ actions and they can not take responsibility of any action DVSA may take. You can speak with your driving instructor for more information. We have approached DRIVING TEST CANCELLATION 4ALL because of their good online reviews. We will keep on monitoring quality of services they provide. We will receive a commission from them for all customers we forward to them, when a non customer of ours uses their services using code T3W7CM they will receive 20% discount, we will receive the same in commission. This is a win win situation for all, if anyone bought services directly from DRIVING TEST CANCELLATION 4ALL they would not have got this discount. 

Practical driving test

Current fee for booking a practical driving test is £62 which the pupil will need to pay unless you are entering our 44 hours start 2 finish package which comes with 1 theory & hazard perception test and 1 practical driving test fee included in the price. 

Car usage charge on test day is £75. (this price is for both test centres in Bradford, Thornbury or Heaton)

You will have 1 hour warm up lesson followed by your test, pass or fail on both occasions your driving instructor will drop you off home.

Offers/promotions are subject to availability and can be withdrawn without any prior notice.