About us

Welcome to our site, we have tried keeping things simple.

Sux-S driving school has been operating since 2014.
All our instructors are Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency Approved and have at least 5 years experience as a fully qualified driving instructor.
Our lessons are 1 hour long with minimal roadside stoppages.
From time to time, we manage to give reasonably cheap lessons and we are asked what is the catch, how come we are able to give such cheap lessons?
Is it a poor quality of service, is it more time spent on the roadside etc?
The simple answer is none of the above.
  • We do not pay rent for office premises as they are simply not required and we do not employ someone full time to answer phone calls as enquirers email/text their address and contact details and they will be contacted by the instructor who will be conducting your lessons.
  • We do not buy/lease or hire top of the range cars such as BMW's etc and overcharge you for simply for the brand of the car. We have cars like Micras, Yaris, and Corsas, small cars also mean less fuel consumption and allow reversing exercises to be carried out with ease resulting in a need for fewer lessons.
  • We do not cover extremely wide areas where driving instructors have to travel across towns, cities and sometimes even counties. Most of our instructors travel from one job to another within 10 minute drives and therefore save money on fuel and time.
  • Most driving schools have cancellation policies in which the learner pays the full lesson cost if they cancel within 48 hours prior to the lesson however, we charge only half of the lesson money £12 (£24 for 2 hours lesson). All our clients are happy paying cancellation fees because the rule also applies to the instructor: with an exception of cancellation due to the car developing  a mechanical problem or bad weather you will be paid £12 (£24 for 2 hours lesson).
  • We tend not to overspend on advertisement as we've come to find out over the course of our time as a company that reasonable offers simply attract more clients.
All the reasons stated above allows Sux-S school of motoring to price our lessons very reasonably and ensure we do not waste the time of or overcharge our clients.

Should you be self isolating due to Covid-19 the cancellation fee will be wavered.